Meet The Owners

Shawn Lloyd and Cynthia Gaub have lived in Everett for the past 9 years. They enjoy food, eating out and watching the Food Network. They both dreamed of some day owning their own Bed and Breakfast… “when they retired” was the thought.

But when Shawn was laid off from his job as a Software Engineer at Microsoft in early 2011, the plan was hatched to do something new with this food dream. So the researching and planning began. In June 2011 the location on Colby was found and the two spent the summer remodelling and reworking the kitchen and dining room.

Cynthia is an artist and art teacher. She curates the monthly rotating artwork that is displayed in the restaurant. If you are interested in showing your work see our submission guidelines. She runs the “business” side, while Shawn covers the creative food side of the endeavor. They can both be found serving customers in the dining room on a daily basis. This truly “mom and pop” business operates with a small and dedicated staff.

The restaurant opened in September 2011 with an art opening and the two were surrounded by friends and family.

The menu started with Shawn’s roots in Saipan. Micronesian foods, recipes handed down from his mother, anchored the menu with grilled chicken, spam fried rice and more unique eats. With the lava rick grill in the kitchen, Shawn turned his thoughts to other foods to grill. He was drawn to the idea of unique burgers made from unusual game meats, not found anywhere else. With customer feedback the game meats quickly bacame the bulk of the menu. Since opening the restaurant has featured venison, yak, bison, antelope, caribou, elk, kangaroo, frog legs, wild boar and lamb.

This Fall 2012, Stuff What I Like celebrated one full year in business (a big milestone for a restaurant) by expanded to a Special dinner menu that goes beyond burgers to include roasted wild game birds, game meat steaks and wild caught fish.

We hope you will join us for lunch and dinner to share in our dream and our passion!