Where do you get your meats?

This is one of the questions we get from our customers every day.

Most of the ELK for our Elk Burgers and tenderloins are raised free range by Nicky USA on their Western Oregon farms. There they can freely roam the hills and streams that dominate the landscape. This peaceful life, along with the natural terrain they’re used to, make Roosevelt ELK one of the richest, yet leanest proteins we offer. Being raised in this manner, not wild and hunted, also limits the “gamey” taste that most people associate with Game Meats.

Our Antelope burger is made from the Nilgai Antelope harvested in Texas. The meat is typically dark red and lean, providing a rich and unique taste profile.

Stay Tuned to this new featureĀ  to learn more details about our other meats and where they come from and how they are raised.